IMG_2101-1It’s weird, it’s Christmas-y, it gives a clue of what is featured on our crafting blog and you-tube channel, so much here to like! We made this plywood tree last year when the kittens were tiny, but since they are still very adventurous and playful, we weren’t sure we’d be safe with a real tree, so we brought it down from the attic to use again. Ponyboy’s glowing eyes make me wonder if my holiday tranquility is going to be cut short by an alien attack of some sort…

IMG_3063You know you are in Philly when….

Ending up at a statue of J B Duke in Durham NC

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

 Layer upon layer of spring landscaping

For more “dense” look here

fullsizeoutput_2d6dA not-so-narrow fellow in the grass crashed our party…”Is that cake?…mmmm….chomp chomp….” For more takes on the WPC click here.

fullsizeoutput_2d62Atop the countertop, where little he

Is not at all supposed to be,

In his vantage point, in the cat-bird seat,

To remind his human, it’s time for a treat.

(Treats are in the basket to his right)

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fullsizeoutput_2d11A good match. You don’t even have to think about it. Morning sun salutation, stretching and symmetry.

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Recently I posted that “something has been nibbling the cabbage leaves” in our raised-bed garden. Today I noticed two ladybugs, one on a cabbage leaf to the left in the photo, and one just a little right of the center. These cute little garden helpers eat aphids, which may have been behind the decimation of the veggies. Ladybugs are also a symbol of good luck, and a symbol of self-preservation. An old medieval legend has it that some villagers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help saving their crops, and Mary sent a swarm of ladybugs in response. See more “Against the Odds” photos here.