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IMG_3063You know you are in Philly when….


Ending up at a statue of J B Duke in Durham NC

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

 Layer upon layer of spring landscaping

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fullsizeoutput_2d6dA not-so-narrow fellow in the grass crashed our party…”Is that cake?…mmmm….chomp chomp….” For more takes on the WPC click here.

fullsizeoutput_2d62Atop the countertop, where little he

Is not at all supposed to be,

In his vantage point, in the cat-bird seat,

To remind his human, it’s time for a treat.

(Treats are in the basket to his right)

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fullsizeoutput_2d11A good match. You don’t even have to think about it. Morning sun salutation, stretching and symmetry.

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Recently I posted that “something has been nibbling the cabbage leaves” in our raised-bed garden. Today I noticed two ladybugs, one on a cabbage leaf to the left in the photo, and one just a little right of the center. These cute little garden helpers eat aphids, which may have been behind the decimation of the veggies. Ladybugs are also a symbol of good luck, and a symbol of self-preservation. An old medieval legend has it that some villagers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help saving their crops, and Mary sent a swarm of ladybugs in response. See more “Against the Odds” photos here.

fullsizeoutput_2c2b“I’m Mr. Squirrel; welcome to my home.”

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P.S. I happened to spot this in the Reader, and noticed that I spelled it Ambiance and most–not all–other entries spelled it Ambience. So I Googled it and found that both spellings are correct. However, one article said that if you want to portray a French “affectation” you would use the Ambiance spelling. So maybe I should change the tree rodent’s name to M. Squirrel…

Pen I turned on the Jet lathe. Skip burned my name on it with laser engraving.