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fullsizeoutput_2d62Atop the countertop, where little he

Is not at all supposed to be,

In his vantage point, in the cat-bird seat,

To remind his human, it’s time for a treat.

(Treats are in the basket to his right)

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fullsizeoutput_2bd6Tiny tots with their eyes all a-glow will find it hard to sleep…

It’s the Manx kittens’ first Christmas. We knew a real tree would be a disaster so we made this “cat-proof” one out of plywood.

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IMG_2352A sewing room or a kitten’s amusement park? Hmmmm

It wasn’t easy to document that Knitting progressed despite many roadblocks thrown in our way!

I started this post much earlier in the day, but the new Photos app for my recent IOS update had me stymied: it wants me to start paying for all the gb my photos take up on the web site. Time to copy them all on to a thumb drive and be done with that nonsense. Except the thumb drive couldn’t hold them all either, so I had to find another thumb drive that wasn’t already being useful. Always something when it comes to computers. Plus, I broke my foot this week. So there’s a big impediment.


Grayzie sez ” I know you’re crippled and all, but I’m still hungry.”

Nevertheless, we knitted!


slightly more progress on the beady cable gloves

Rachael was feeling better, and brought the white dog to knit on, but Ethel couldn’t remember what she’d said about how it’d be ok even though it was backwards, that they’d make it work. So her advice to Rachael was to set it aside for now. Shut down!

knitted dog

Rachael and backwards dog

Ethel wanted to make a chemo hat out of this gorgeous part-mohair violet yarn, but I was in no shape to go back to the sewing burrow and try to scrounge around for the Hat Book wherever I stuffed it during Easter Dinner Weekend. Impeded again! I looked today, and I still haven’t found it.

crocheted shawl

Lois and shawl

Lois and her other knitting group have been knitting and crocheting items to give to a local hospital, such as chemo hats, shawls, lap blankets, and they were told that the hospital didn’t need any more items from them. Stymied again! But you can see she regrouped, and is making a shawl for someone to wear who is stuck in another local hospital wearing an open-in-the-back gown and whose shoulders are getting chilly!

Tricia was out of town with her job, but she posted that she’s finished the lobster. And Tina, who went back home, posted that she finished her knitted slouchy beanie.

knitted hat

Tina’s finished hat

Quite gorgeous, don’t you think?