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IMG_2101-1It’s weird, it’s Christmas-y, it gives a clue of what is featured on our crafting blog and you-tube channel, so much here to like! We made this plywood tree last year when the kittens were tiny, but since they are still very adventurous and playful, we weren’t sure we’d be safe with a real tree, so we brought it down from the attic to use again. Ponyboy’s glowing eyes make me wonder if my holiday tranquility is going to be cut short by an alien attack of some sort…

Pen I turned on the Jet lathe. Skip burned my name on it with laser engraving.

fullsizeoutput_2b02Quilting is in my future! Would you believe I have 10 projects that are waiting to be quilted? [Some of them are tiny table runners, but still…ten] This week’s photo challenge is interesting. With all the holiday preparations, we are asked to look ahead to the future and what awaits! See more New Horizons photos here.


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This has to rank pretty high: a motel with a swimming pool, right next to a Home Depot! Something happy for both of us!

swimming pool right next to Home Depot! jennyskip

a happy place to be

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What is your happy place?