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IMG_3063You know you are in Philly when….

Sorry for the hiatus; I’m presently on a trip in which knitting hasn’t played a big part (say what?)
Before I left, I did manage to finish the Martin Storey Alphabet Blanket I’ve been working on, from his book Little Aran and Celtic Knits for Kids.

Martin Story knitted blanket

knitted baby quilt

So here I am in Philly, on the last day of September, where I would expect more knitting to be going on. But you don’t see much, not like in geriatric Florida, where everyone has grandkids who live up north to knit for, and you can practically run into the Seven-Eleven to get some knitting needles (not exactly :-/ ) So far I’ve seen very few yarn shops on the Google map, and Wal-Mart had a very slim selection of mostly ribbon-yarn for ruffle scarves and 8 to 10 size needles. What? I want to make some mittens…

But I did get in on the tail-end of water ice season (be like the locals and pronounce it “wootter”)–


Gelatti: coconut cream water ice with pineapple soft-serve in the center

Petrucci’s gellatti: uniquely, insanely, exotically delicious! And the 28th was their last day til next spring and summer. Other regional yums (SHUT UP and EAT!):

Italian hoagie

Italian hoagie

Crab Chip

Crab-flavored potato chips













And of course, the Cheesesteak. Don’t try to call it a “Philly Cheesesteak”–people will give you a blank look. You are already in Philly: it’s a cheesesteak here.



People here live in row houses, everywhere you look are miles and miles of row house communities, with ancient old public school buildings and a Dunkin Donuts on every corner. And Wawa shops: like Seven-Elevens, but with mondo-classier snack choices.

row houses

row houses


In Roxborough












Going back soon and will have a longer layover: must get some knitting…


P.S. Let me amend what I said above about not so much knitting going on…I did go to the local JoAnn Fabric (which wasn’t on Google Maps) and it was BIG! The selection of knitting paraphernalia was huge. I was happily working on a Fair-Isle hat in the round during turbulence on the way home ..\…/