Lois and I met for some knitting…Ethel was sick….the other knitters, don’t know…Grayzie and Pauly were here acting up.


The cats under the tree

Fair Isle was the mode of the moment, for both Lois and me.

Fair Isle hat

Lois’ Fair Isle hat

Lois found some awesome patterns here:

Fair Isle pattern

Leisure Arts booklet

I’ve been working on this Fair Isle hat for a while, and it’s slow going with such a small needle and gauge of yarn.

Fair Isle hat

Skull Isle hat

It’s one of the many savory projects in this pattern book:

knitting book

Debbie Stoller’s Son of Stitch ‘N Bitch

Here are a few other cool holiday things that someone else made:

pink camellias

Pink camellias blooming

light globe

Ray’s Christmas Lights Globe

Our friend Ray made this holiday light fixture by burning holes in clear plastic cups with a soldering iron, thus joining them together, and threading lights through the holes. It can be set to blink, fade out, or stay lit, with reflections flickering on the shiny clear plastic surfaces.

beaded, sequinned trees

Gran’s beaded, sequinned trees

These Christmas tree decorations are simply pieces of felt with many beads and sequins hand-sewn on. Made by my grandmother, probably in the 1960’s.

Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons from Rita’s tree

These lemons from Rita’s tree make me smile. They’re big, beautiful, they smell fresh, and they were a gift.  For a look at The Gift, a Christmas video, click here. And hope you have a happy week!