Back to the reality of knitting.

Lots of things going on since the last meeting: for me, a wedding, a funeral, several projects going into the UFO files.

Like this one:

cotton wash cloth

Crocheted cotton pumpkin wash cloth

It was supposed to be a Halloween-themed wash cloth, not as one member of my group thought, a diaper! 🙂

Alas, I didn’t get it finished by Halloween. And as it was looking pretty misshapen, I shut down work on it.

I spent a lot of time with the swift, winding yarn into balls. IMG_2593

Ethel worked on several projects.

alligator scarf

Ethel’s finished Alligator scarf

fingerless gloves

Ethel’s fingerless gloves


Matching cowl

Lois worked on her cable afghan. It’s getting big.

cable afghan

Lois and cable afghan

She brought a newspaper article about how knitting can be a healthy, stress-busting activity.

knitting article

Knitting article

Thanks, Lois, for the beautiful tatting in the sympathy card you sent  (my mother passed away two weeks ago).


A beautiful motif

And thanks for bringing the scrumptious walnut brownies.

Rachel was working on the LAST square of her knitted and fabric-sewn quilt.

knitted block

Rachel knitting the last quilt block

I started on a  hat.


beginnings of a hat

A hat seems much more finishable….