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Pen I turned on the Jet lathe. Skip burned my name on it with laser engraving.

fullsizeoutput_2bd6Tiny tots with their eyes all a-glow will find it hard to sleep…

It’s the Manx kittens’ first Christmas. We knew a real tree would be a disaster so we made this “cat-proof” one out of plywood.

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fullsizeoutput_2b02Quilting is in my future! Would you believe I have 10 projects that are waiting to be quilted? [Some of them are tiny table runners, but still…ten] This week’s photo challenge is interesting. With all the holiday preparations, we are asked to look ahead to the future and what awaits! See more New Horizons photos here.

We are asked to post an image that brings to mind  “Relax.” This one is from a mini-vacation this past summer. Time zone change, jet lag, climate changes all added up. The shot is a bit out of focus, like how I felt at the time!

I appreciate the thought. This is a season when one can become overwhelmed with stress and activity. Take time out to relax, renew, recoup.


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fullsizeoutput_2aa3.jpeg“Magic mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play?” is what the lady on Romper Room would ask. This is the remodeled classroom at the local womens’ gym, where some of those little girls from the 1950’s to the 1980’s play today…

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I was walking home this morning; I’d just turned into the neighborhood, leaving the noisy, busy boulevard where the sun beats down on the asphalt and concrete, and entered the shady lane. The air was instantly cooler and quieter, with birds swooping overhead in the green leafy trees, softly calling. Out of the corner of my eye, it seemed to me that a green concrete lawn ornament was nodding its head in my direction.


Upon closer inspection, it was a squirrel sitting on top of the tiny statue, waving its tail around like a little girl tossing her glossy hair backwards.



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fullsizeoutput_2a44For a Halloween weekly photo challenge, the theme is Transmogrify, which means “To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

So, I get up this Halloween morning, and apparently the spiders in the corner of my room have located a lost smiley-face sticker and incorporated it as part of their web. #nofilter

Along the neighborhood on my morning walk, the environment was suitably creepy.




img_2564I kept a lookout for scary clowns.

fullsizeoutput_2a42And there was the requisite black cat.

Happy Halloween!

Moon shining in the morning sky above 16th Boulevard…for more Shine look here

img_2540For this week’s theme “Local” I wanted to get a shot of “The Wall” [yes, it has its own FB page]–and as I was hurrying to grab my phone, sitting in the passenger’s seat while driving by it (the whole wall spans about a block), this is what I got in a split second. It doesn’t necessarily reflect my own political opinion, but it is timely, and is regularly painted over by the good students of UF and good citizens of Gainesville, Florida…for more “local” photo picks, look here. Once I shot the whole wall in fast-click, see this post from 2015.

fullsizeoutput_2a2cLocal connections. For more WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Local, look here.