Knitting was a bust this week. So many other things going on, we didn’t quite get to it. Ethel came over, but did we knit? Nada. We sat around and talked about things that’ve been going on.

Ethel, recently back from vacation in this vicinity…


intersection of OH, IN and KY, USA

…talked about her trip, including getting lost in the rain, enjoying Phillip Glass music

and gaining weight on crème brulée.

DH and I were recovering from an early-morning trip to the eye surgeon (for him, not me). He’s feeling much better today.

eye patch

DH practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day next month

Looks like Ethel forgot these.


DH is not the only one who’s not seeing the whole picture…

I got a few more inches done on my citrus shawl.



Only about 400 more rows to go! 😀