This has been the rainiest summer in a long time.

School will start soon, so we’re in the last days of summer vacation, riding it out.

It’s a good time to take stock of our creations-in-progress and tie up loose ends.

Tricia finished a giant doily. Just typing the word “doily” seems other-worldly! In looking up the definition, I never realized there are so many colloquial meanings for the word. Just go with the Wikipedia version: an ornamental mat.


Tricia’s doily

What an amazing work of crochet! Tricia’s next project was a crocheted cowl in lavender.


Ethel modeling Tricia’s cowl

crocheted cowl

Tricia getting started on another cowl

brown wrap

Ethel’s wrap

Here’s Ethel with her current work-in-progress. Meanwhile, Rachel is interested in working on homemade Christmas gifts.

knitting pattern

Rachel pondering the pattern for a present and, apparently, rolling her eyes….  🙂

doll sweater pattern

In Rachel’s master plan…

doll wedding dress

Ethel’s doll wedding dress (sewn, not knit)

purple knitting

Ethel started on a purple project next

sparkly shoes

sparkly shoes

knitted panel

Lois resumed work on a yellow panel

yellow knitted shawl

and my citrus shawl is a little farther along

So this is how we’ve been spending our rainy days, in addition to viewing buffoonery from Presidential candidates (although we didn’t talk about that). Hope to show some finished projects some day…