Knitting brought Ethel, Lois and me together. Funny, we are all working on shawls, capes, wraps–whatever you want to call them.

Here is Ethel’s new project:

Ethel's wrap

Ethel’s cocoa-colored crocheted wrap in linen/silk yarn

It’s crocheted in a stitch pattern that I suddenly forgot–did it start with an L? Labrador stitch? Louver? Landsdowne? L’Angelique? She made another one like it in a gray yarn, and it’s gorgeous!

Meanwhile, she’s almost finished with the “green thing”–also gorgeous!

cable yarn wrap

green cable wrap

Lois was also crocheting a shawl, in some very dark blue yarn.

crocheted wrap

Lois’s wrap

I went to work on a knitted shawl or wrap in a diamond pattern

knitted lace wrap

knitted lace wrap

Yes, that’s my current read: The Seven Daughters of Eve, by Bryan Sykes. It’s a fascinating book by the Oxford DNA researcher who conjectures that all of us who live on earth can trace our mitochondrial DNA inheritance to one of only seven ancient clan mothers**. I read his DNA USA a few weeks ago, and it was so interesting I had to have more. Sykes, besides being a scientist, is a very engaging wordsmith.

Beneath the skein of yarn is the pattern for my shawl, Versatile Violets from the Spring 2015 Love of Knitting. Ha, this violet is so versatile that it can alternatively be citrus. I’ve had that yellow/orange/lime bobbly yarn in the stash for a long time.

I maintain a yarn database (and a needle db) in my documents file, and whenever I see a pattern I want to try, I go look in there to see if I have enough yarn and the right weight of yarn, to do the project. Then it’s just a matter of deciding if that yarn will do for that project.

Meanwhile, DH has continued to make scrap wood into cool games. The cribbage boards were finished. Next he moved on to peg-jumping games, and then a Chinese Checkers board, until his CNC machine broke down. The teeny weeny SD card jammed in the controller, so he had to send it off for a refurbish. Luckily, the company has already fixed it and the controller is on its merry way back home.


peg jumpers (with golf tees for pegs)

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers board

** Near the end of the book I finally realized that it is not about the seven clan mothers of all the earth’s inhabitants, but only of those of us who have European ancestry. Which is still fascinating, and offers the hope that there will be another book forthcoming, which wil closely examine some of the other areas of the world.