This Wednesday Night Knitting was pretty much a repeat of other knitting nights…

I didn’t take any pictures. The time just whizzed by. More thunder, didn’t get to Ethel’s puzzle. She worked on the green thing again. I’ll just use this picture again, because it’s all the same except the green thing is about 4 feet long now, actually 4/5 of the way done.


Ethel and green thing

Knitted hat

Bighead hat

I finished the hat I was working on and it is so big! It is so big, it will fit over Sideshow Bob’s dreadlocks. I guess I got a few extra stitches in the round somewhere. And this Bella chenille superbulky yarn knit up large, even on size 8 needles.

What should I do next? Socks? Afghan, a block at a time?

DH has been working like mad with his CNC machine, making cribbage boards. Here’s a pic of some of the boards:

cribbage boards

cribbage boards

Love the variety! To think, these were just a few old boards hanging around in the garage a week ago, now they are games!

If and when the hurricanes come, we’ll be ready to while away the time when the electricity’s off and we need something to do…

So how is your summer going?