Once again the scroll sawing session was put off. It thundered and rained on and off all day. Ethel did not feel like slugging through 48 puzzle pieces in the humidity with the chance of lightning all around.

So we knitted indoors tonight.


Rachel with yellow yarn circular knitting project


Lois with purple yarn crochet project

knit and crochet

Tricia with yellow crochet and Ethel with green knit project

crocheted coaster

Tricia’s crocheted coaster

I worked on the chenille hat, but I’m not at all happy with it. I haven’t been having very good luck with knitting of late.

DH has been busy woodworking, making cribbage boards and corn hole game goals. Fun for him! Highly regulated games, though. Cribbage boards and pegs are used to keep score in the card game, making your way around the board by two and three point intervals at a time. I can remember playing it years ago with some yayhoos from Arkansas, who muttered a running commentary as they lay down pairs adding up to 15: “Fifteen-two, fifteen four, fifteen-six, thur ain’t no more…” In Corn hole, you must adhere to the specs to be accepted by the American Corn Hole Association . Don’t forget to put on your calendar, the World Corn Hole championship which takes place July 11th in Knoxville; I believe it will be televised on ESPN, winner gets $10,000.


Cribbage boards

A stack of cribbage boards from DH’s CNC

Corn hole

painting the red, white & blue corn hole goals

Looks like woodworking won over knitting, at least for now…rematch! Rematch! Rematch!

We’re real big into such sedentary activities as knitting, crocheting, playing cards and moving little pegs around a scoreboard, throwing bags of corn into holes in a propped-up board. Some day we might just branch out and watch grass grow and paint dry for a little change of pace.