It is really summertime here in central Florida: temperatures in the nineties, thunderstorms rolling in almost every day, and so we’re back to enjoying knitting again, as we are forced to stay in the air-conditioned house.

Ethel didn’t get to cut our her puzzle again, although it seems to be getting lots of coats of varnish in the meantime.

She worked on her “green thing” some more. Then took it out and reworked it.

cable wrap

Ethel and green cable wrap

I “unwrapped” the faulty glove somewhat. Can’t decide whether to stop at the thumb where the fatal mistake was made, and try to assemble all the stitches back on the dpns or just go all the way back down to nothing. What would you do?

beaded cable glove

all those beaded cables, gone!

Lois was working on a crocheted project and looking fantastic so far. Loving that purple yarn that rang up at 45 cents for the skein!



Ethel has been interested in crocheting lately, too. Here’s her latest fun magazine with lots of exciting projects.

crochet magazine

a UK magazine for crocheting

She wants to do the Irish Rose beret on the cover, but wow, it takes over 400 yards! Love that filet crochet top pictured there. My grandmother had some table linens of that same color and similar look to them.

I’ve made a little progress on a hat. The directions seem strange to me. I hope I’m not about to do the same thing I did with the glove, keep working a pattern I don’t understand, and later realize I was doing it ALL WRONG!

chenille yarn knitted hat

hat with chenille yarn

I just needed a project with large needles and super bulky yarn as a diversion from mourning the demise of my glove project and all the busy work I’d put into it…:(

Meanwhile, Ethel brought some show and tell stuff:

knitted lace edging

lace pillowcase edging, knitted about 1900

This belonged to Ethel’s mother. Very delicate, it looks like it could have been knitted from sewing thread.

felted bear

little felted bear from Poland

This little fellow was a gift to Ethel from a Polish friend. The wool was twisted together and then felted.

Maybe next week the puzzle-making will resume…