Wednesday night rolled around with a Weather Advisory hanging over our heads. It was 97 degrees at 7:00 PM; a “humiditure” rating of 101 degrees. DH just knew it was going to rain and thunder and lightning, so he cancelled our scroll sawing session, and Ethel can catch up next week. However, we didn’t get the storm after all. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that Ethel finished the knitted dog, take a look!

knitted dog

knitted dog

Its little nose is just right! A little girl is going to love receiving this as a birthday gift!


Grayzie demanding equal time

More bad news: I found that I screwed up majorly on my glove. 😦

beaded cabled glove

beady cable glove

Due to not reading ahead in the pattern, and just doing one step at a time, I misinterpreted the directions and didn’t stop and put the thumb stitches on a holder but kept going with it. Ethel says I have to completely unravel it all and start over, but I don’t really want to unravel all those beaded cables. She says if I try to fix it I will have all these loops at the sensitive thumb area that will have to be tied off. I’ll have to think about that. I suppose one of these days I’ll have to unravel the whole thing and do it again.

Meanwhile, good news: I was able to go to Winter Haven and visit my favorite all-time yarn store, Four Purls.


haul from the LYS Four Purls

I love to browse around in there, but the resulting cash register receipt can be scary!

A while ago, I got an email survey that asked a question: When you decide to do a pattern from a current magazine, do you always buy the exact same yarn that is featured in the pattern? We’ve talked about that before, and the answer is NO. We almost never use the same yarn that is called for in the pattern. But I don’t see how you could. There are so many different yarns in the world. I took a copy of Love of Knitting magazine with me to the yarn store, and I couldn’t find any of the recommended yarns, although the store was huge and the shelves were well stocked. You would probably have better luck ordering from an on-line store if you wanted to use the recommended yarns in the magazine. But what about all that yarn in your stash? You’ve got to use that some time. After all, you wanted it! You got it!

So when contemplating a project, most of the time our minds are busy with how and what to use for substitutions. Needles, fibers, fiber weights, so many factors to consider.

In the meantime, I decided to go back to a hat.

chenille yarn

hat making paraphernalia, from Four Purls

I woke up this morning and had a message on my phone from BBC News that 9 people had been shot at a church in South Carolina. Immediately I felt afraid. Later in the day I read more news about other shootings, war, and acts of hate and terror. It changes the perspective of nurturing, feeding, and caring for our offspring. We can be focused on providing the best, loving and protecting our families with all our might, and still be subject to random acts of violence from enemies in our own midst. Lord, help us.