At Knitting tonight, we worked some more on our current projects.

I actually made progress on the beaded glove:


progress on glove

The beaded pattern is done, now all that’s left is the fingers and thumb. And the second glove, of course.

Ethel showed us her progress on the knitted dog.


The knitted dog was patterned after this dog in the photo.


Picture of real dog


planning the puzzle production

We watched as Lois cut out her puzzle with the scroll saw.

cutting out puzzle

Lois at the scroll saw


Ethel sanding and burnishing the undersides of puzzle pieces with 220 grit


finished interlocking pieces hold together when lifted

puzzle in box

the pieces fit into this little plastic box from the grocery store

I cut out my puzzle a few days before. Probably a good thing, too, since the whole process took about an hour and a half including the cutting, sanding, burnishing, and packing.

scroll sawing

Scroll sawing

You can see from this pic that we drew a grid on the back of the puzzle, which we used as a guide to cut out the pieces. DH put the multi-directional cutting blade in “upside down” so that the tiny cutting tines were facing up. That way, the painted puzzle piece sides have a very smooth-cut edge, and the tear-out is on the back, or underside. We sanded and burnished the undersides, so little splinters and tear-out from the saw blade were removed without having to touch the painted, lacquered side.

I sent DH a photo from my phone, and he printed an image of my puzzle from his computer and mod-podged it onto the plastic puzzle box.

puzzle box

finished puzzle, packed in box with photo on top