A ha, this week at Knitting we started work on our puzzles!


Ethel’s puzzle, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Murphy)

DH cut out and prepped three puzzle boards, and during the week we painted the lacquered sides with acrylic paints.

puzzle board

Lois’s board, painted by Lori

This beautiful painting is going to be a doozy of a puzzle, since the colors of every piece are so similar.


my puzzle

This will be easier for a grandchild who already knows how to read…

We measured and drew grids on the backs for 48 pieces. Then we drew tabs on each piece, to trace when we cut out the pieces with the scroll saw. The corner pieces have 2 tabs, the edge pieces have 3 tabs, and the middle pieces have 4 tabs.

DH sprayed the fronts with lacquer. He’ll repeat with another layer of lacquer a few more times during the week, and next week we’ll be ready to cut out the pieces.

Meanwhile, Ethel is still working on the green shawl and is still half-way done, and also on the knitted dog. I haven’t done much on the gloves. What’s a good summer knitting project? Something quick and easy?