It is already May 20th; the days keep flying by! Been nearly a month since our last meeting. I am knitting the same old gloves. Since they don’t look that different than the previous photos, here’s a b & w view for some contrast.

knitted gloves

beaded cable gloves

Does anyone else tend to slow down on the knitting when it gets to be over 80 degrees out? It just seems very…hot…to be knitting gloves and other woolly things.
Ethel worked on her dog.

knitted dog

Ethel’s knitted dog

finished knitted dog photo

what the knitted dog is supposed to look like

Rachel gave up on her white dog and decided to go to zumba tonight instead. She’ll find out soon enough that Ethel is having almost as much trouble with her dog as Rachael had. That dog pattern is a dog. Ethel wants to hurry up and finish it so she can move on from knitted dogs to felt dogs.

Felted Dogs

the Felt Dog book

Felted Dog book

some cute little felt dogs

We noticed the cute little tatted doily on the cover of the Dog book.

The tatting would be an awesome project, too.

Meanwhile, DH has been making jigsaw puzzles. It might be nice to veer off and do a little woodworking…isn’t wood also a textile?

Lois studied a cable pattern to see if it was going to be do-able.

knitting pattern

Lois looking at a pattern

Next time we meet, will we have solved some of our woolly challenges?