Spring in central Florida is a little like summer in the rest of the world. The temperatures are in the 80’s and 90’s. There’s loads of pollen in the air, and when thunder booms and it starts to rain, you’re glad that the pollen and humidity will get washed down temporarily.

At Knitting, we worked on our usual projects. Me on the beaded knitted gloves. Rachel reworked the dog, and Ethel started knitting a dog so she could figure out how to best help Rachel with her dog.

knitting a dog

Rachel and Ethel have gone to the dogs–knitted ones, that is

Rachel brought along a hot pad that was sewn by her sister. Looks like a nifty pattern, and she used Christmas-y fabric. It’s not too early to be thinking about holiday gift-giving…

hot pad

holiday hot pad

Last week I was still moaning and groaning about, with sprained ankle and little piece of bone broken off, so we didn’t meet. Sweetheart Lois brought me over some flowers and triple-chocolate chunk cookies.


flowers are still looking beautiful!

Foot was doing better but suddenly went back to being swollen last night 😦 .

sprained ankle

Aaargh! puffy ankle

Meanwhile, Lois started working a patterned panel on circular needles. She hasn’t made up her mind what it will be yet. The possibilities! That yellow yarn looks uplifting and light.

yellow yarn

Lois knitting a patterned panel in yellow

I ushered my fellow knitters out, with a pink umbrella, but Ethel speedily returned it, saying that it was only water dripping off the trees now. A quick spring Central Florida rain shower; you can hear the plink of a raindrop splashing onto the grass and smell the soil soaking it up.