Guess who’s coming to Knitting?


Long lost Tina!

So fun to go back over old times, new times, and hopeful times in the future! Tina worked on a hat.

knitted hat

hat in DK

Tina’s been busy in her new home, battling snow, converting North Carolinians to the art of loom-knitting…hard to believe she’s been away for 3 years.

Rachel was sick, and we’re not sure as to the whereabouts of Lois.

The knitting score was 4 – 3 in favor of the color green.

Ethel came in with the shawl half-done.


That’s Ethel behind that shawl-curtain

Tricia has been mondo-busy during the past few months. In just the past few days she’s done this:

crocheted gator

crocheted gator (done in 2 days)

crocheted coasters

Tricia’s crocheted coasters

Trekkie cross-stitch

Cross-stitch gift for her Trekkie dad

Tricia’s next project: a crocheted lobster.

crocheted lobster

Tricia working on lobster’s claw

She found all these patterns in library books!

I finished my Celtic Cable hat a while back, and then started a new project after all the holiday hoopla was resolved.

Cable hat

Celtic cable with cat ears

knitted gloves

New Proj: Beady Cable Gloves from Knitting Know-how

Ethel gave us a demonstration of how to pull off a virtually imperceptible join from a new ball of yarn.

join yarn

preparing the fiber for an invisible join

To celebrate Tricia’s birthday and Tina’s visit, we munched on baklava and chocolate cupcakes with Sanpellegrino Pomegranate and Orange soda.