Knitting Wednesday night, we resumed work on our current projects: shawl (Ethel), dog (Rachel), and hat (me), and doggone it, I forgot to get a picture and explanation of what Lois is making. She did say she wanted to get away from hats for awhile, and she was knitting with some glittery deep black yarn that was gorgeous…

Meanwhile, I want to knit hats because 1) I see a luscious skein of yarn, but don’t want to spend the money for 10 of them to make a sweater, so…how about a hat? 2) The 16″ circular needles are easy to work with and less likely to get lost…3) You can make one on a bus! You can make one without a fuss! 4) You have almost instant gratification, especially with larger needles and/or larger-gauge yarn: a hat in one day! 5) Variations make each hat so unique. I could go on and on. Instead, let me show you my latest foray into heavenly hat-knitting:

Knitted hat

Tupelo Beehive from Diane Serviss’ book

knitted hat

side view Tupelo Beehive

The Beehive is made from Noro Nobori color way 20, a chunky cotton, nylon, wool and silk blend I was enthralled with at Four Purls because of the spring flower-like colors.

I started a new hat, with cables, from the same book.

cable hat

Celtic cable hat

Found some great Elsebeth Lavold Silk Flammé yarn in the stash that Ethel gave me a long time ago; looked perfect for this Celtic cable pattern. It’s 50% Peruvian wool, 30% alpaca and 20% silk; color Olive Drab.

Ethel was whittling down her stash and brought me some Auracania yarn in purple! Thank you!

Lois brought us some delectable banana nut muffins to enjoy. Thank you, Lois!

banana nut muffins

Lois’ banana nut muffins

Ethel felt inspired to speed up work on the gorgeous green shawl. It’s about half-complete now!!!

knitted shawl

Ethel’s progress on the cabled and seed stitched shawl

And Rachel worked on her knitted dog.

knitting a dog

Rachel knits dog

It cannot be easy knitting a dog. But a dog is man’s best friend. More than you can say for a hat…

Meanwhile, I saw this post for baby ballet pumps by More Fun Than Housework. Check it out! Do you think it’s as incredibly adorable as I do?