I wish it was raining; we could use a little wash-up for this highly pollinated environment! March has arrived in Central Florida and every outdoor surface in the neighborhood is covered in yellow powder.

Rachel is still knitting a dog:

knitted dog

Rachel knitting a dog

It’s a good thing Grayzie isn’t here to see that! Poor Grayzie is at the Cat Hospital recuperating from having his thyroid burned out. When he comes home we may be able to use him as a night light for a while until some of the radioactivity dies down.

Ethel has made progress on the shawl with cables and double seed stitch:

knitted shawl

Ethel and green shawl

Ethel brought some new yarn to show us.

purple yarn

Thick & thin wooly plum pudding

Sari ribbon yarn

Sari ribbon from JoAnn’s

She’s thinking of making a neck ornament with the silk sari ribbon yarn to go with a turquoise-color dress. Gorgeous!

Oooh, I received an email query this week asking for permission to use one of my project photos in ravelry.com to show what the pattern looks like, which pattern is Hot Pastel Gumdrops bracelet. (You’ll have to be signed in to your Ravelry.com account for the link to take you there) Exciting! Here is the link to the post wherein we originally made the knitted bracelets. Reminds me, I’d like to do that again pretty soon; it’s just awesome to be able to knit some jewelry!

Meanwhile, been making hats.

Urchin knitted hat

Urchin in Tapestry rayon chenille yarn

This one because the pattern called for 200 yards of super bulky, which I just snagged from The Yarn Lady.

knitted beanie

Urchin on

Trapper knitted & crocheted hat


This one my DH keeps saying, “Please, take it off!” as I laugh maniacally. It’s the Trapper pattern, with a pink color way and pink & blue peace sign buttons on the front flap. The body is knit in super bulky yarn, the border all around is crocheted. I love this pattern, and plan to make it in all sorts of color combinations. And not just because my DH isn’t enamored of it, there is something about this hat–I don’t know: the non-conformity, the nod to redneck roots, the level of foolishness plus one, just strikes a chord with me!

These hat patterns are from the book Knitted Beanies & Slouchy Hats by Diane Serviss.

Meanwhile, Lois made a hat too:

knitted hat

Lois and new hat

Yay hats!  Long live hats!  We love hats!