We did not knit together this week, but I have two finished hats to show, the ones I’ve been working on for a few weeks now.

The Faux Earflap Hat pattern is from the book Knitting Know-How by Dorothy Ratigan and Judith Durant, and begins with the statement “Here’s a little lesson in gauge…”

My plan was to do as the project directs, make the same hat using the same pattern, same size needles and different weights of yarn. The worsted-weight size hat is supposed to fit an adult, while the hat in sport-weight yarn is supposed to fit a child. What I ended up with is a slight variation on that, looky here…

Faux Earflap Hat front

Front view

Faux Earflap Hat back

Back view

In the first hat, I did not realize I had grabbed some black wool yarn without a label and then later found the label, which indicated it was Size 5 Bulky-weight yarn. Is that why the brim flares out, because the gauge of the yarn made it bigger?

The second hat was all Size 4 worsted-weight wool yarn.

Faux Earflap Hat front

2nd Faux Earflap Hat front view

Faux Earflap Hat #2 back

Back view, Hat #2

Lesson learned! I still want to make the smaller hat in sport yarn. Can’t wait! I adore this pattern, with its checkerboards, two-color braid edging and the little tassle ties!