After a short hiatus, we are back!
Rachel went back to knitting a dog.

knitting a dog

Rachel and project

Lois worked on a hat in a mohair yarn in that light yellow color that has been so popular in the department stores lately.

yellow mohair hat

Lois with yellow hat


yellow & gray fashion combo

Ethel worked on the green wrap as from before, and wouldn’t let me take a pic of it yet, she said, “Wait until it gets bigger…”

I started a sock in American B.R.A.N.D. superwash Rambouillet wool, color: Wind Cave. It was great to concentrate on while spending time flying to and from Salt Lake City last week.

sock yarn


Meanwhile, I also worked a bit on another hat. Yep the first hat didn’t quite turn out as it should have…you’ll see…Hope by next post I’ll compare the two and ‘Splain how I took a wrong turn…


another faux earflap hat