No knitting meeting this week, but…

it was a very fun and expansive week of knitting!

First, I finished the Bias Shawl.

Bias Shawl Pattern

The pattern





Love the silver silk yarn shot through with coppery highlights. The shawl         is actually pretty warm, for all its large, airy stitch pattern.




Bias Shawl in Rumple

Shawl in Silver Silk Rumple









Texted pictures of grand kids sledding and making snow angels showed up on my phone…which prompted me to make their mom a scarf with Red Heart Boutique Chic chenille and faux fur pom pom yarn in Mulberry.

Mulberry Red Heart Boutique Chic scarf

Mulberry chenille scarf

As you can perhaps see, this is the same stitch in the scarf as in the shawl, and also the same size needles, but they look a lot different because of the yarn weight and textures. Let me further explore that little phenomenon, by starting the first of 8 project lessons in this book:

Knitting Book

Knitting Know-how by Dorothy Ratigan and Judith Durant

Project #1 is two faux ear-flap hats, one in worsted-weight yarn and one in sport-weight yarn, both with same size needles. I can’t wait to compare the two to see the difference in sizes made just by the yarn weights. I spotted the author Judith Durant’s name on the cover and recognized her from well-used “One-skein Wonder” project books.

hat pattern

hat pattern








starting the hat in worsted










Awesome that it begins with a provisional cast-on! I used white scented cotton yarn for the waste yarn cast-on. The hat itself is in woolen yarns, so away I went through my stash and picked out 4 colors of size 4 worsted weight and 4 colors of size 3 sport weight wool yarns. This first hat’s MC (main color) is Malabrigo Pale Khaki. Savory!

In the meantime, visited Upper Crust, a neighborhood French bakery, and found some adorable knitted playthings by .blabla.:

blabla pretzel rattle

knitted pretzel baby rattle








IMG_2828                                                                                 knitted kitty

Beautiful, scrumptious knitted lovelies popping up where one least expects them to!