We love the recent weather reports here at Wednesday Night Knitting! Cool nights in the 30’s and 40’s, afternoons in the mid-seventies! Perfect…

Ethel modeled a hat she made, similar to another one she made for a grand’.

knit hat

Ethel and sequin hat


Lois worked on a cable hat in the round.

cable hat

Lois’ cable hat


For some strange reason, I forgot to take a picture of Rachel and her colorful new project. 😦  Hopefully she will work on it again next time, and we’ll see much more of it.

knitted scarf

Tricia and scarf

Trish worked on a scarf in lilac and lavender, to match a cowl she did in similar colors.


knitted convertible cowl

Wow, notice those fabulous nails and beautiful boyfriend watch, a gift from her hubs..!

Knit Picks yarn

Ethel & Knit Picks Chroma yarn in “Avalon” (more lavenders)

Ethel started a new project in shades of lavender, too. And this will be next on her horizon of knit stuff to do:


luscious Cascade green

Here’s my status on the Bias Shawl in Rumple:

knitted silk shawl

silk shawl

Has it been a beautiful day in your neighborhood, too?