Wednesday Night Knitting didn’t meet or knit together this week, due to another glitch: this time, health! It wasn’t the best, so we put off meeting in favor of not infecting one another with our various contagions.

In the meantime, I’ve done a little more on the silver silk Rumple shawl:

silver silk shawl

shawl looks the same as last post but I promise I’ve done more rows

I’ve been perusing a booklet my DH got me for a Christmas present:

French Knitter

French Knitter project book

He also got me another book on how to make awesome things out of duct tape. Sometimes I’m astounded at the thoughts and impulses that go through his mind and come out in the form of amazing gestures and conversations.  Especially, I have to ask the question “What is it about this that made him think I would be interested?”  “What sort of marketing ploy sucked him in?”  “What woodworking web site was he on that happened to have an advertisement for this product as well as wood, power tools, sandpaper, and varnish?” And so on.

Regardless of the impetus that has brought me into the world of French Knitter jewelry making, I was at a store recently and spotted the gizmo that makes the projects in the booklet come forth! So I got one, of course.

French Knitter

French Knitter apparatus

Still in the planning stages regarding the French Knitter, I imagine I will start playing around with it soon. Projects are made from yarn, ribbon, beads, and jewelry findings, of which I have enough to get started on something. We will see…

I’ve also gotten into WordPress’s Blogging 101 class and been loosely following the assignments. For lesson #8 the assignment was to comment on other people’s blogs that you’ve never commented on before. I’ve always found this hard to do, believe it or not, for all the wordy blabber I post on my own la-la land blog, I’m a bit tongue-tied in real life. So I chose the topic “Knitting” and went in and tried to put comments more involved than “like” on 4 or 5 other blogs. It was so fun! I saw some great, inspiring things on these blogs.

Meanwhile, DH has been working on bench seats for the marvelous natural-edge dining table he finished in time for the holidays.

cherrywood bench

cherrywood bench

He is going to make 4 of them, I think, to fit around the dining table. They are beautiful, with biscuit joinery, faux ebony accents, and cut-out circles on the legs. Interestingly, I got an email or a tweet this morning saying that woodworking classes on the Craftsy web site are on sale today. You could sign up for one in particular that teaches Arts & Crafts details. I like the Craftsy platform because it’s interactive, you have the purchased classes to watch any time, and you can catch a bargain on sale quite often.