Wednesday Night Knitting took a field trip today.

We knitters, as a group, enjoy other activities although we do remain focused, fixated even, on knitting.

On the way to and from Orlando, Ethel was knitting a cape consisting of 8 or so cable panels, which she’s going to join together. I started working on a Bias Shawl, using the pattern and yarn I got in Sarasota last summer. The yarn is Rumple, a silvery 100% silk, knit on large needles in a simple pattern.

silk yarn

Silver silk Rumple

As a Blogging 101 blogger, I’m assigned the task of writing to my “dream reader” who, for this blog anyway. is a knitter.

Yesterday’s task was to add 5 new categories to follow in the Reader and follow 5 new blogs. One new category is Cartoons…timely because of the Charlie Hebdo attack in the middle of the night (our time). The other new categories I picked are Blogging 101, Cats, Cooking Class, Diet, Short Hair, Vinyasa Yoga, and Viking. Sorry if that list causes you to judge me harshly. I’m just trying to fulfill an assignment. I don’t want to make any big statement, just kill a little time this way.


Camellias in January

Because of social media, my need to read has been salved by little bits and posts, sound bites even. Sometimes I think of the things I read as the beautiful, briefly-blooming camellias in my yard. Even though it is winter, they are blooming now, profusely. Today they are plentiful, colorful, full. These bushes have hundreds of buds within their glossy green leaves. Tonight the temperature will go below freezing. Later the beautiful flowers will look fragile, burned, wasted, lying in piles beneath the bushes.