Sometimes things get so busy! And yet, we seem to be moving at  a snail’s pace…

At Knitting, we were all working on the same things, but there’s an air of impending…excitement? Crisis? Forgetting something?

gator scarf

Ethel and gator scarf

Ethel is almost through with the adorable gator scarf. She was down to the eye sockets tonight. She pondered how to finish the snout, and whether to add an additional flap so the mouth could have some depth, character.

sock making

Lois and sock

Lois continued with another sock that matches the pair she finished. Pauley, on the back of the chair, finally settled down and stopped harassing everyone.


Rachel catching up and catching her breath

Rachel came to catch a few minutes in her schedule, which is always a whirlwind of activity. I forgot to ask, but I presume she is working on the quilt?

tote bag

Interim project–bag

I wasn’t happy with anything I’ve been working on, it all needs to be frogged down to the cast-on rows, so I started another purse body for some easy, mindless knit stitching in the round.

Could it be, I’m in denial about impending holidays…how about a challenge to my fellow knitters to do something quickie and Halloweenish during this next week?