We’re Baaaaaaack! To knitting again!

Picasso's Moon Yarn

Winding Picasso’s Moon yarn

I did this when I had a spare moment: unwound this skein of lovely everything-but-the-kitchen-sink art yarn from the swift (made by DH) onto my nostepinde (also made by DH from a piece of branch lying out in the yard).

ball wound on nostepinde

Okay, done.


alligator scarf

Ethel worked on her alligator scarf


Ethel is making up the pattern for the alligator scarf as she goes. I’m thinking, what kid, and what Florida Gator fan wouldn’t love to have one of these wrapped around their neck in the winter time? It’s SOFT, not scaly.



Rachel added some more blocks for the knit/fabric quilt

Rachel’s pile of knitted blocks, with fabric backing sewn on, is getting taller. Soon, she’ll be ready to put them together in a beautiful quilt. Love that Heartland Yarn, each color named after a national park or landmark, like Yosemite, Denali, Redwood. Sumptuous!


Lois's socks

Lois finished the socks and started another


Lois said that she didn’t do anything extra to get the stripes all lined up on each sock; it just happened that way!

Olle Mitten

Olle mittens from leftover Rowan Felted Tweed


I do not get tired of looking at Martin Storey eye candy knitting projects. These mittens are fun and luscious. It’s October 8th, and the temperature is still in the eighties here. But time is swiftly marching on. Dare I remind everyone that Christmas is just around the corner?