Every week I get some sort of feedback about knitting that is a side benefit of the knitting I do.

Daughter-in-law:  “I want to learn to knit and crochet. I like to watch TV in the evening but I want to feel like I’m not totally wasting time.”  “Gabe, look at Nana! She’s doing that thing! Yeah, knitting!”  “Watcha making?”


When I see someone on a television show knitting, I feel like ringing a bell. I feel like calling my friends. I feel like unleashing the confetti and balloons.

I hadn’t planned to knit on my recent trip; figured I’d be too busy and I’d lose needles like I always do in a car, plane, or bus. But by the end of the week, knowing I’d have a long, possibly stressful layover at the airport in Atlanta, I decided I’d better get some knitting paraphernalia.  So I got some circular needles (less prone to drop down into Davy Jones’ locker under the seat) and yarn and a pattern from JoAnn’s.

This is what I ended up with after the flight home.

Fair-Isle hat

Fair-Isle hat in Bernat Satin (color: linen) and Heartland (color: Rainier)

Like the true stress-buster knitting is, it carried me through the turbulent skies, the suffocating ennui of the terminal wait, the annoyance that one of my two dollar bills wouldn’t get taken by the coke machine, the breaks between catching-up preparations at home. Knitting, you are truly a friend in need.