Here’s the lowdown on our knitting projects tonight:

alligator scarf

alligator scarf re-do

Ethel started the scarf last week in crochet. She decided to start over again in a different yarn blend, and with a knitted scarf and crocheted reptilian ridges. It looks fantastic! I wish you could feel the softness of the bulky Yarn Bee yarn…

yarn & fabric quilt

Rachel’s progress on her quilt


Rachel has finished some of the 7 or so knitted blocks for her fabric and Heartland yarn quilt. Don’t the colors look luscious together?

sock knitting

Lois and second sock

Lois started on the second of a pair of socks. She says she wants to do the toe over on the first sock. Sock knitting takes a lot of patience, don’t you think?

alphabet block quilt blocks

Finished Block Z, Rowan felted tweed yarn

Yup, I was in the middle of “Block Z” when I found out that the baby for whom this Martin Storey Alphabet Block Quilt is going to be, who was supposed to be due in a couple of weeks, was just born! Guess I’d better get busy and finish the last two motifs, weave in all the myriad loose ends, block and sew them all together with a quickness!