An interesting Knitting session tonight; feeling a little uneasy:

President Obama announces strategy to fight, degrade, destroy, on this day, 911-Eve.

I’m glad he didn’t say we’re sending troops. But so many things in the world are indeed troubling.

When I am troubled, if I sit down and knit a few rows, I feel a bit better.

knitted quilt blocks

Rachel’s knitted quilt blocks

Rachel is working on a knitted (one side) and fabric (other side) quilt of Heartland yarns.


Ethel looked at variations of alligator scarves, and decided to crochet one, making it up as she goes. Here’s to the beginnings of reptilian ridges.

gator scarf

Ethel and alligator scarf

bamboo blend ear

a luscious, velvety yarn for the gator scarf

knitted block

Rachel starting a new block

W knitted block

I’m up to W on the blanket

knitted tub

interim project

Meanwhile, stress levels provide for another steady project to knit continuously while I’m sitting and waiting. I’ve been working on this tubular fabric, which may at some point in the distant future turn into a tote bag…